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3 responses to “Our Testimonial”

  1. I really enjoyed my time at Serenity and the instructors as well. I know I was fully prepared for my state exams and feel as if I learned so much and had so much take away. Mrs. Monica is so sweet and pushed you to make sure you succeeded…

  2. Hi my name is Carmela, I just completed my CNA I training at Serenity. I personally was Wowed by the knowledge of the staff and instructor. At first I was little skeptical from the look of this place, but you know what they say never judge a book by its cover…

  3. Thank you so much, Mrs. Monica and Mrs. Betty for guiding me throughout this whole CNA I program course I took. I really learned a lot and really enjoyed the skills that we learned. I really needed that push to perform the skills efficiently and well. Thanks to you Mrs. Monica, I have been showing empathy to the people I meet every day, I have always been kind to the people I meet, but each day now I really do show empathy towards the people I meet, and I really am excited to take my state exam and get my CNA License. Serenity Nurse Aide Academy really is the best school to go to! If you love learning and prefer to learn hands-on, then Serenity Nurse Aide Academy is the school to learn!!!!!! Thank you again, Mrs. Monica and Mrs. Betty!! May God Bless both of you guys and the school! Take Care!

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