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CNA Training: Essential Education Requirements

CNA Training: Essential Education Requirements

Building a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is growing increasingly popular in the United States – and for a good reason. CNAs not only enjoy good pay and benefits but also enjoy job stability, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics stating a 9% increase in CNA jobs by 2028. To become a CNA, attending a medical assistant school is necessary.

As you get ready for CNA training in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’ve gathered a list of essential education requirements to aid in preparation:

  • High school diploma or GED
    To enroll in a certified CNA program, you need to accomplish your high school diploma or GED first. Although some training programs don’t require them, this is usually an indicator the program isn’t state-approved. Moreover, GED is necessary to become eligible to take the state licensing exam.
  • Health requirements
    Before enrolling in healthcare training in North Carolina, you must meet particular health requirements first, including providing immunization documents and records and undergoing tuberculosis screening. Otherwise, you will need to catch up on any immunizations you haven’t received before you’re eligible to enroll.
  • CPR certification
    Another essential requirement is your CPR certification, which most CNA training programs require. However, some training schools like Serenity Nurse Aide Academy offer CPR training in their curriculum. It’s best to determine this aspect first, so you’re better prepared.
  • Reading and math competency exams
    In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, some training programs will also require complete reading and math competency examinations. Although it may seem trivial, it’s best to brush up on your reading and math skills beforehand.

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