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Reasons to Learn CPR as a Certified Nurse Aide


Many schools offering CNA training programs also provide CPR courses. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency procedure that can help save lives. It is performed when a person’s heart stops beating.

As one of the leading providers of healthcare training for aspiring Certified Nurse Aides, we want to promote CPR training. Why? Below are the reasons why you should learn CPR as a CNA:

  • Enhance the Safety of Patients

    Some patients may have complex medical conditions, which can lead to emergencies. By knowing CPR, CNAs can contribute to a safer environment and provide better care to patients.

  • Immediate Life-Saving Ability

    One of the primary reasons why CNAs need to learn CPR is because it gives them the ability to respond effectively in life-threatening emergencies. CNAs are often the first healthcare professionals on the scene when a patient’s health deteriorates, and knowing CPR can mean the difference between life and death in such situations.

  • Quicker Response Time

    CNAs and other healthcare professionals are trained to recognize changes in a patient’s condition, and knowing CPR allows them to initiate immediate care before more advanced medical help arrives. This quick response time can significantly improve the patient’s chances of survival

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